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AideRSS to Aide Your A^HRSS

I dont digg, i reddit.

Information-exploding century. Tens of feeds. Hundreds of entries. You might have wasted too much time on reading blog/rss/feeds.

Normally, the more feeds you subscribe to, the less percentage of useful entries. I read proggit and YC everyday. There are hundreds of updates everyday but only very few is interesting to me. The truth is, what remains interesting is really nice. So i dont want to miss those interesting ones while i dont want to waste my time doing the manual filtering either.

So here comes a great tool called aiderss to help you easily locate those 'good' ones without wasting your (precious) time. It adopts a technique called PostRank to score/rank a post. Take proggit for example, you can see all, good, great and best ones all filtered for you. There are respective rss feeds made for you too. And if you use firefox + google reader, there's also an addon.

Oh, lets see Alecs' Blog in the postranked mode.

Less is more
Less is more than more

05 Aug 2008

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