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Nimbus 2007

No, it's not the latest version of the Nimbus broomsticks in Harry Potter's wizarding world. It's the open solaris' default desktop theme.

OK, call me a bad lover. First mac and then solaris. But it's really a good theme that's not only pretty (not eye-candy) but also feels stable. What's most important, it would not hurt your eyes like these-days-popular-extreme-bright-or-black themes really do. Not to mention that it's professional.

Take a look at all its controls and the desktop using this theme.

For ubuntu, you can download the pkg from gnome-look. Besides, you can get the source and compile it yourself.

Here's a shot showing the clean (& healthy) nimbus desktop of mine. You can download the background from the source link above.

PS, on ubuntu, you can install sun-java6-fonts to get the lucida fonts which go smoothly with the nimbus theme.

08 May 2007

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