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AiGLX + Beryl

Optical has told me many times about the beryl. But i just was reluctant to try new edge-sharping things and not much in the mood for maybe-complex-and-frustrating configuration/settings. Well, you can calle me a 'old-fashioned' 'lazy-bone'.

But you are running edgy now! Ok, sounds fair to try edge-sharping things on a distro called 'edgy'. :)

The process is, in fact, very simple, indeed: just follow this doc.

No frustrating configs AT ALL. For me using edgy, all i need to do is installing the beryl and the emerald-theme pkg. Thats it. No more effort.

And the first run is quite quite impressive. I kindof expected some crash or non-working. But it turns out to be working pretty fine. Well, not much to describe here. This is kindof a unless-you-try-and-see-yourself thing. Recommend you give it a try. Oh yes, that cube and those special effects.. Kool enough.


Been using edgy for days. Not bad indeed. I have got used to the apt-get stuff, installed some apps i need (namely my 'mail tool-chain': mutt, procmail, fetchmail, mstmp) and now i'm starting to feel comfortable in the environment. (Yes, unlike ports-based bsd or crux, it does not have compile/build tools/headers/docs installed by default. Well, thats a quite fair and sane choice for a pkg-based desktop system. Easy to add any way, no need to say).

And that cpu soft lockup bug. It's getting clear that it's the fault of the ipw3945 driver. Loading it at the boottime would trigger the bug. Patch is available. But i'm looking forward to the official ubuntu updates.

Another glitch is the sound problem concerning suspend/hibernate. No sound after a resume. Intel hda, maybe quite new for alsa. Lets wait and see.

13 Nov 2006

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