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Installed MT (again)

40 has been back again for a while. My old MT blogs have been lostWrecovered (see this blog entry). Now that i've got more convenient net connections, i dont need nanoblogger any more (at least for some time). So blogWMT-time again!

Though fire now provides a multiuser WP blog, i, after trying it out, dont like WP still. MT is (to me) more powerful and the functionalities are more needed. And yes, it just behaves the way i much prefer.

MT 3.31 has many improvements including new (simplified) config/installation with several plugins (ie. for style and antispam) builtin by default. If you havent used MT or your MT is outdated, i highly recommend you give it a (new) whirl.

About the config, i just changed the MT file mask settings (default is world-writable). As for the plugin, i installed the sweet Markdown plugin (as always, be it for nano, WP, or MT =). Now both the entry and the comments are handled by Markdown.

Keep going. Hope i can write more stuff.

02 Aug 2006

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