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Hardware Monitor Sensors

I use conky to monitor various system/hardware infos like cpu/mem/swap usage, networking loads, etc. But seems my kernel (adapted from a CRUX default config) has not yet compiled in hardware sensor support and thus conky cannot show cpu temperature correctly. Well, it's easy to add such function.

First download the lm-sensors and then compile and run the sensors-detect command. Follow what that command prompts you and normally it would give you the proper sensor types.

For example, mine is a w83627hf isa sensor. On the kernel side, you'd need the following options:


You can easily select them from kernel's menuconfig (mainly I2C, Hardware monitor and the specific sensor).

Rebuild the kernel and you can get the various sensor info. Without any extra config conky works fine accordingly. Run the command sensors from the lm-sensors pkg you can get more info (it actually just reads info from a sensor device entry under your /sys, ie, mine is at /sys/devices/platform/i2c-9191/9191-0290/)

13 Mar 2006

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