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Replace devfs with udev on crux

As of 2.6.13-rc1, devfs is not supported, at least gets removed from Kconfig. Crux by default is using devfs. But the migration is not hard.


2) # prt-get depinst udev

3.1) edit /etc/rc, /etc/rc.single

    - # Start device management daemon
    - /sbin/devfsd /dev

    + # Start udev
    + /bin/mount -t sysfs none /sys
    + /bin/mount -t proc none /proc
    + /sbin/start_udev

3.2) in /etc/fstab, comment or remove the /sys & /proc entries, and then add or change the /dev/pts entry:

    none /dev/pts devpts defaults 0 0

4) create an 'audio' group and add revelant users, ie.

    # groupadd audio
    # usermod -G audio alecs

btw, the default values of /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules are really very sane. I just dont have to edit anything (ie. nvidia, /dev/snd/*) .

Reference: /usr/ports/contrib/udev/README

02 Jul 2005

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