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Distro of choice

After being a long time fbsd-only guy, i'm in the mood for installing 'yet another linux distro' (for better, for worse, for learning/developing).

Bloated ones are out of question. I dont use tons of new 'exciting' software and/or fancy config tools. I just want a clean, fast and logical environment where i'll find myself most comfortable.

Crux suits all my needs pretty much. A full ISO is only about 210M, which contains all the 'normal' stuff i want. I really appreciate the maintainers' good taste of choice. No more, no less.

Installing is textHHHHcharacters based. It's even more 'hardcore' than freebsd. Except a dialog to let you choose which pkgs to install, there's no popup/dialog whatsoever. All are done by command lines, ie. fdisk, mount, chroot, configs, etc. And it allows you to compile kernel at the installation time. This doesnt 'scare' me and i like the crux way very much. The Handbook (yeah, style is quite like fbsd's) could guide you through the installation process.

It has the familiar ports system, so installing & upgrading software is easy enough. And the prt-get tools are really very handy. It has the familar /etc/rc.conf, etc. so configuring system is all like fbsd: just edit config files using your favorite editor. Both the booting up and the shuting down are quick enough and the system overall is really fast.

Bottom line: The migration from fbsd is really small (sometimes it just feels 'all the same'). Quite a good distro for me.

21 Jun 2005

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