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The hidden 'single window mode' prefs of firefox

Firefox has a 'hidden' feature for single window mode tabbed browsing. It has been there for some while since 1.0.0. So you can just enable the single window mode without installing any kind of extensions[1].

about:config ==> search single ==> enable "browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs"

And then from Edit --> Preferences --> Advanced, you can now config this feature to suit your need. I've set it to the 'open the same tab/window as the link' option (if i want a new tab i can always the use middle mouse button as before). This is really pretty neat (you know, google now by default starts a new window for every its searched link).

btw, upgraded firefox to 1.0.3 today, since 1.0.2 has some security issues.

[1] You might want an exception for this single window made: pop-up windows (read: not ads) should not be opened in the 'single window'; they just gotta have their 'own' windows for their own sake. If so, install the Quick Tab Pref Toggle extension.

Update I'm now using the Tabbrowser Preferences extension.

18 Apr 2005

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