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l33t programming language

define print(x) main(){printf(x);return 0;} /* >+++++[<++>-]<[>++++


This polyglot prints "HI" when run in

Brainfuck, C, COW, Perl, Python, Gammaplex, l33t, and ruby


print ("HI\n")


@X"H"Xr X"I"Xr RE





moo 5 0 7 99999998 1 7 0 1 8 9999998 1 91

] */

Speaking l33t is not kool anymore. Time for l33t programming.

Accasionally, i saw this interesting stuff on wikipedia. Never thought l33t could become a programming language, ever.

After playing a while with an interpreter written in Python as well as one written in Ruby, i decided to write a l33t interpreter in C.

Coding, debuging and some bug fixing, finally come up with a complete l33t interpreter with CON (socket) support.

Here's the code. Enjoy.

Well, there're not too many l33t programs available yet. It's fun to write one yourself and then play it with my interpreter. :p

btw, firefox has a bookmark keyword feature, which is pretty good and thus enables you with quick search (duh?!). Try typing 'wp l33t programming language' in your location bar. Oh..i edited that page. :)

16 Apr 2005

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