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Google Meets X

Apple was planning to sue Google over stealing the Mac look & feel, and Google found out because Apple's lawyers were using Google to search for info.

The ever-surprising-us-with-new-wonderful-stuff company Google just released and soon closed another exciting new experiment: googlex, Mac OS X-themed version of the search king. (Read: not the Aqua look, but the "Genie Effect" of the Dock).

Fun-reading slashdot reported this today with a screenshot (which soon became inaccessible either).

The new googlex web site was taken down a day after its debut because of patent issues (even it paid tribute to Apple Computer with "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you." showing on the FIRST page FREELY. What an honor! Google never ever put any kind of ad info on its first page no matter what).

The author said on his blog that this is just "a fun late-night coding jaunt to help me learn Javascript & DHTML". Kool. Google has again showed us what javascript can do after launching its amazing thousands of lines of javascript coded gmail (client side).

Well, with that said so much and the once official googlex taken down, you still dont know what it really looks like. No worries. I made up a mirror here at linuxfire. Have fun!

What will Google bring us next? Gbrowser? GOS? Let's wait and see...

17 Mar 2005

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