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New Year New Start

Did a full-system upgrade for my fbsd box.

kernel (make build/installkernel), base (make build/installworld), and ports (via portupgrade) are all successfully upgrated.

Other news is about downloading tools:

Once-my-favorite prozilla has been found buffer overflow bug(s). Considering it hasnt been updated for 2 years, the fbsd team has decided to remove it out of the ports. I just had to let it go.

Then i tried out: Downloader for X. Not bad. Multithreaded, gtk2, drag-and-drop, etc. It even has a basket which feels quite like flashget for M$.

I also installed the flashgot extension for firefox. Works smoothly with the d4x. =)

P.S., similar tools of the command line :

1) for http, Aget 2) for ftp, well, the famous (no?!) lftp.

01 Jan 2005

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