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Various ACMs

A productive day.

New members joined in working on ACM together.

Besides, i myself have submitted 4 problems. All are easy ones:

Hanoi Troubles Again, Pseudo-Random Numbers, Reverse Text and Integer Inquiry.

The last one is also about dealing with big numbers (addition arithmetic). Something you should pay attention to:

1) Allocate enough memory (100 100-digits numbers addition would occupy at most 102 digits). 2) For big numbers, dont forget 0 + 0 is also 0. (Duh!?)

Today's Tips: 1) Dont be cheap about your memory. LIMIT + 1 does not suffice. 2) Be careful, be MORE careful. 3) Test against the extreme cases.

Avoid those off-by-one bugs!


Although it has passed the online judge, there was a bug in the old version of sumbig.c (Integer Inquiry). reverse() has not correctly dealt with odd-digits number. Thanks for Penguin (aka. walte) triggering this bug.

New version uploaded.

17 Sep 2004

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