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logbot for LinuxFire/Linuxfans

If it's too ugly, it's most likely not right.

Wrote a simplistic log-only bot for LinuxFire, in perl, using POE::Component::IRC (5 stars!!, far better than Net::IRC, imo).

Things become fairly easy when developing apps on top of POE. Totally event-driven (kinda like signal/sigaction). Read some sample code, glanced at the POD of Poco::IRC, and then rolled out a raw bot (along with a cgi script to show the log on web).

Fine-tuning it cost more. (No bugs; just features to add ;P). Now the final results come with aligned nicks and wrapped texts[1] (pretty much like what's shown within your xchat client =).

PS, ptlink's ircd has 'ForceServicesAlias' enabled in 'network.dconf' by default. That is, no '/msg /nickserv xxxx' (raw form: privmsg nickserv xxxx) allowed, only '/nickserv' (raw form: nickserv xxxx) works. Not convenient, really. Many servers offer the /msg style and many clients assume that. So i disabled 'ForceServicesAlias' for LinuxFire to not let "many" clients (our logbot included) down. :)

[1] Using Text::Wrap

30 Mar 2004

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