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Familiar with wikies

This couple of days been busy setting a wiki site. I've successfully installed kwiki on my personal site before. But this time, failed to install it with a /blah/public_html/ environment. And then tried moinmoinwiki, which, imho, is too complex..oh..well too annoying to set up. Python things.. i dont like them much... Whenever possible i'd choose perl stuff first.

The perl wiki cant be installed and the python wiki aint my style. So i run to phpwiki. Installation is very smooth. Just extract the tarball and then it works 'out of box'. (That's mostly due to the php's nature: embedded in html).

Spent a while on tweaking it, ie. configurations, charset, theme, favorite icon, logo, etc. And now it spins pretty well. =)

P.S. appreciated again the powerful yet elegant UN*X command line tools, when doing those icon/logo stuff. ImageMagick suite (convert, composite, etc.) just rox!

11 Mar 2004

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